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Our rosettes are hand made for each event to your specification, with oval or round printed
centres. Typically gold (other colours are available) foil is used for embossing the club name
and logo. Rosette tails can be printed with club names, logos or award levels i.e. Best in Show,
Group 1 or Best Puppy - basically whatever you require.

As we carry more than 50 ribbon colours in stock there are lots of colour combinations available
although some work better than others, our experienced design team can advise you to the
suitability of your ideas or create a colour scheme for you. We use tartan ribbon to create Tartan
rosettes a speciality for our Scottish customers.

We create rosettes from 1 tier to 6 tiers or more, available with plain, oval or for special rosettes
star centres; these are similar to our badges but incorporated into the rosette centre.

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